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Basic Tips For investing in Fine Arts

Basic Tips For investing in Fine Arts

Research art and artists
Visit art galleries, museums, fairs and artists’ studios to determine what you like and develop an understanding of art’s market value. Read art critics to find up-and-comers, and review art prices from auction houses or the galleries such galleries such as Morton Fine Art in Washington DC for example. You can also so lots of research online by visiting sites such as where you will find an exhibition history, biography and samples of artist works.

Establish contacts
Build relationships with gallery owners, art critics, artists and other collectors to educate yourself. Join a museum collector’s club. Check if an art advisor or dealer belongs to the professional reputable art associations.

Don’t limit yourself
Artwork can take many forms beyond canvases. Consider investing in other formats, such as mixed media collage, photography, costumes and archaeological items.

Ignore the hype
Buy art based on the quality of the work, not trends. And do your homework upfront, so that you know the provenance of the art you’re considering.

Buy what you like

The artwork you purchase will most likely be displayed in your home or office for years to come. Above all, make sure you like it. 

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