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Why buy art prints? Framed art prints by artist GA Gardner

5 reasons to buy art prints.

So you just got that new home or moved into that fancy apartment and you are looking to fill those naked walls.  You have already invested a lot in furniture and other expenses but still want to give your space that homey feel. Perhaps art prints are a great place to start. Here are 5 reasons you should consider art prints:

1. The copy is sometimes better than the original. 

Because of color correcting and other calibrations you may find that the copy may be more vibrant than the original.

2.  Purchase on a budget

The cost of a print is less expensive that the original. This does not mean that prints, especially those that are limited editions and signed, cannot increase in price over time. 

3.  Control size of print.

Unlike the original artwork the print can be outputted at any size to suit that special wall space.

4. Easier to maintain a print.

Most artwork may require special cleaning and care, some may even require professional care.  An art print requires far less care and attention.  Most can simply be hung and enjoyed and just need to be kept out of the direct sunlight. 

5. Less insurance needed.

Most never think of the insurance factor; however when you purchase an expensive original it is a great idea to update your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to include your new find.  This is not as important for a print art, as its main purpose is to beautify the space not to be an investment. It would not attract the attention like an original.

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