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What Is The Easiest Way To Refresh Your Living Space?

What Is The Easiest Way To Refresh Your Living Space?

Investing in a few throw pillows is a simple way to change the mood in a room, enhance a piece of furniture, and add personal flair. This same advice can be used for outside the home where the patio or deck furniture can be enhanced with outdoor printed pillows.  Depending on the effect you want to give your space, it is essential to consider the fabric, color, and textures of a throw pillow.  There is nothing wrong with mixing up sizes, styles, and materials to create a more inviting environment. The Zora Neale Hurston pillow or Duke Ellington pillow are great examples of adding pillows for comfort style and a connection to Black history.   

It is essential to Make sure to protect your decor accents and familiarize yourself with how to care for decorative throw pillows made from wool, leather, silk, or cotton. Fabric choice and durability is especially important for an outdoor space. Consider cases that can detach from the stuffing for easy cleaning via hand washing. A good option is manmade fabrics such as polyester that are easier to clean and maintain. 

Throw pillows bolster visual appeal, are fun to stack in baskets, layer on shelves, or pile on top of a bed. Paying a higher price for a quality art printed throw cushion is worth the cost, especially if it creates the vibe, look you want in your home, and is durable. Don’t shy away from expensive throw pillows that are made from durable fabrics or use higher quality design elements. Pricey throw pillows provide a unique aesthetic touch and comfortability that cheaper pillows typically cannot deliver. And remember that when you purchase and art printed pillow from online stores such as they are custom designed and sewn specially for you. 

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