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Creating a space with accents art throw pillows for Gartsy

Tips for designing with art printed throw pillows

Art printed throw pillows are one of the most common accessories for the living room, family room and bedroom.  In fact, it is even commonly used in outdoor spaces such as patios and decks.  Here are some suggestions for designing a custom look for your space using throw pillows. 

Start on a clean slate: Avoid using the free pillows that come with the couch.  The patterns tend to be basic and are neutral.  This would not give you the custom design look you desire.  Instead select a range of custom art pillow that are personal to you and speaks to your sense of style.  

Amount of pillows: On a couch or sectional there is no such thing as too many pillows. A sectional couch for example may incorporate 6-10 throw pillows depending on the size and shape of the pillows. The amount of pillows you choose to go with is a personal choice.  Having a plan for arranging your pillows before you purchase.

Arranging pillows: Try anchoring the pillow by having a couple of the same on either ends of the couch and laying with various colors and sizes. Art printed pillows can make great anchor and armchair pillows for example. Other pillows can be included with more subtle designs to create a unified look.  A different approach may be used in the bedroom where a row of matching square pillows may create more harmony. 

In arranging your pillows you may choose one of three common arrangements:  a) Smart and Co-ordinated, that is having your pillow be the same on either end of the couch and layered in size and colors or textures.  b) Mix and Match Medley: Having the pillows in all different colors and styles but keeping the size as the common unifier.  c) Layers:  Using similar complementary colors and using size to layer these pillows from small in the front to larger pillows in the back.    

Whatever you choose to do with your design is up to your personal taste and this is only a starting point of common ways to layout your pillow.  Your style may be different but that is what makes us all unique so don't be afraid to deviate from the norm.  Gartsy’s custom art printed pillow will make your space look even more fabulous.  See some of our popular pillows such as our Zora Neale Hurston pillow or our Duke Ellington pillow if you want to add a music vibe to your space.  

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