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"Love Me Please"  Mixed media collage by artist GA Gardner

How to collect art on a budget?

There are several ways to start you art collection on a budget.  Starting to buy original art can be costly and intimidating.  If you are new to the art world, start off small.  Visit online galleries and sites like  that is run by the artists themselves. This way you can get to view a number of works by the artist, in this case artist GA Gardner.  You can learn about the exhibitions, education and art training that the artist received, learn about upcoming exhibitions, but most importantly you can make contact with the artist directly.  This is a great way to start.  You may also request a studio visit, if allowed, to learn more about the work and process, or attend an artist talk that usually is accompanied by an exhibition of the work.  These efforts will put you in touch with the artist and learn more about the work they create.  But also do your homework before requesting a visit or engaging the artist.  Go online and read about the artist and the work. Finding the artist statement can help you to understand the mission of the art.  Even if the art seems obvious to you learn more about the style and subject of the art. 


Mixed media collage by GA Gardner

Large original art over the couch always makes a statement in a home.

After you have find the artwork that interest you and you have learned about their art style, education and history you can then find out where you can acquire their art.  Some artist work with galleries and are represented and others are independent and prefer to sell directly to the public, and some do both.  Generally that should not affect your decision. That is just the art world and should not greatly influence your choice of art or artist. However artists that are represented by galleries are usually more expensive but often have a more documented track record of sales.

The price of the art work is most important learn about. Most artists have a set price for their work and may not be willing to discount their original artwork.  Establish artists who are represented by a gallery may direct you to their gallery to acquire their works, while an independent artist will entertain a direct sale. If you are ready to buy continue with to do your homework about the price.  What is the price of the art? Search the net for the artist work and learn about where it offered for sale beyond the suggested galleries.  Once you learn of place to buy the work you are free to contact them and learn the price.  Start off small and get a feel for the work even if it is inexpensive.  Browse through the collection of art and make a selection. 

If the original fine art paintings are too costly or is beyond your budget consider getting a Giclee print.  Giclee prints of wall art are long lasting museum quality prints that are archival and will not fade easily.  Find out where you can find these quality prints for sale.  You may purchase these prints framed or as unframed Giclee Prints.  Again this is where the budget issues must be considered.  Buying unframed Giclee art prints may be far lest costly and you can always frame them at a later date; however buying a framed Giclee print may be cheaper in the long run. A framed Giclee print will be delivered professionally framed and may be cheaper than working with a framing shop to frame the artwork.  If you are purchasing smaller prints you can always find a small frame at an online retailer and placing the work in the frame should not be too difficult.  After you are finish you just need to hang and you have a wonderful print that is often indistinguishable from the original. 

Please feel free to contact us for more guidance on starting your collection or originals or fine art.

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