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GA Gardner's art in an Exhibition in Frankfurt Germany.

How to care for your fine art and prints.

Whether you collect Giclee prints or GA Gardner’s original collage, here are some tips for protecting your new art so that you may enjoy it with its full colors for many years to come.

Select carefully where you will hang the artwork.  Large works are commonly hung on a large wall where the view can have enough space to step back and enjoy the painting from a distance.  Before hanging that artwork on the wall make sure that it is not being exposed to the sun.  If the wall gets lots of sun this may not be a good space for any painting or print. With special framed uv glass it will prolong the damage but ultimately the sun will continue to destroy the artwork.  The sun is the enemy of art prints and paintings.  Avoid hanging paintings and prints in sun baked rooms.  

Store unframed mixed media collage painting flat when possible.  It is very tempting to roll up a print and store it away, but this should only be a short term solution if you must roll be sure to roll loosely.  The longer it stays rolled up the more it may begin to conform to that shape and becomes increasingly difficult to flatten when time to frame the work. Store GA Gardner’s mixed media collage art in a climate controlled environment away from the sun.

Avoid storing or hanging artwork in highly humid environments.  This is the reason why you should not hang artwork in a full bathroom. The humidity from the shower will fade and discolor the art over time and may warp the materials.  Kitchens are another area that can produce similar results from years of cooking and steam.  

Avoid touching the print or painting without gloves.  Over time the natural oils from your hand will leave fingerprints on the artwork.  It is not a good practice to hang works where the head or hands may come into contact with the art.  For example, avoid hanging art low to the back of a couch where it will come into contact with a person's head while sitting on the couch.  

These advice are important for keeping your mixed media collage art and prints in great condition.

GA Gardner’s original mixed media art is created from various paper materials including magazines, recycled bags, colored paper, and may also incorporate paint sticks and other media. These originals must be handled with care to preserve their original condition and value.  

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