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Original mixed media collage from GA Gardner. Why buy original art?

8 reasons to buy original fine art


1. Great way to investment.

Original fine art paintings are one of a kind. There is something immensely satisfying about having original artwork in your home that connects you to the artist who created it and a larger collection, plus they can go up in value over time, this is never certain but generally they do. Not to mention they are the most beautiful looking investments money can buy.  No other asset class, not gold, silver, stocks, crypto are as physically attractive as a piece of fine art.  Art is one of the most attractive physical storage of wealth.

Zora Neale Hurston Textstraction by GA Gardner

2. Painting are handmade and detailed.

As much as art prints are beautiful, they can never match the texture of the original piece. The woven thread of the canvas, the texture of the paper mottled with paint splashes, the thick layers of the paint and individual brush strokes, the mixed media collage application  – the original painting has the touchable quality which sets it apart from the art prints.

Original mixed media collage by GA Gardner

3. Buying original art supports the artist directly.

Obviously this is number one for the artist creating the work.  It’s not easy to sell your art and a lot of hard work goes into running your own small art business like Gartsy. This industry is still white male dominated. There are plenty of galleries and e-commerce platforms which make money off artists which I nickname art malls. The work is labour intensive as the artist pours their heart and soul into it. Enjoyable, but the field is very competitive. Doing it on your own as an artist isn’t easy but it’s achievable – I’m a success story to prove it.

Idol, mixed media collage by GA Gardner

4. Paintings such as mixed media collage can inspire.

Each of my art is mean to inspire others to tell their story and boldly discuss their cultural identity. Yes, I want people to learn about my story as a Black man from the Caribbean but mostly I want to encourage others to express themselves. My artworks have a story behind them. They are the talking point. They are not only beautiful but also empowering. The energy of the painting can uplift your spirit. Gartsy showcases my an abstract Caribbean collage built from my discussion of cultural identity. 

5. Paintings can be loaned and can earn you money.

Beyond the fact that they are great investments that can also inspire your and beautify your space, paintings can also be loan to museums and galleries for exhibitions or to nonprofits organizations for various uses.  They can also be rented out for events or even staging of houses or apartment.

6. You can have fun collecting art and curating you home gallery.

Regardless if you are buying an original painting or if you are commissioning an artist to paint for you, it is rewarding and exciting. Whether you are choosing the painting to enhance your home décor or if you are decorating your interiors to go with it, besides the visually pleasing element to it, the original artwork brings good energy to the room and it can improve your mood.

Concept for installation by artist GA Gardner


7. A great artwork can make a space.

Whether it is a focal point, a part of a gallery or just standing on a mantelpiece, it brings the color, energy with the expressions and the story behind it.

8. Bragging rights.

Apart from joining history as that person who owns that known painting by that now popular artist, you can earn bragging rights when your investment in an artist like GA Gardner has paid off and you have 10x or more.  It is a great feeling but lets keep it our secret. 

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