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10 Easy, Creative Living Room Makeover

10 Easy, Creative Living Room Makeover

When time and money are issues baring you from a full makeover of your living room, here are some small cost saving, creative ways to bring color into your living space.  There is no need for a costly make over to freshen up your space. Here are Gartsy's 10 favorite ways to bring life into your living space with a few items and a lot of color.

1) Create an Accent Wall

Select a wall that can become a point of interest or a focal point in your space. You may choose to go bold with a complementary color (A complementary color scheme is composed by using two colors opposite each other on the color wheel. This is the particularly contrasting of all color schemes which attracts the most attention and one of the primary challenges when working with it is to fulfill a harmonious balance.) For example an orange wall may be use to complement a sky blue room.  Look for a niche to add extra color, or choose a larger wall that will get noticed. Or, go for a subtle accent by painting the wall in the same color family, but a tone darker than the rest of your walls.

2) Throw in a Few Pillows

We often ask the question, “Can you have too many pillows?”  Throw pillows can be an inexpensive way to bring color to your space, not to mention comfort.  Add bursts of color with strategically placed and well-chosen toss pillows. Choose art pillows such as the ones offered at Abstract art patterned pillows for solid pieces, or mix and match art pillow patterns for a dazzling array of color. Have fun with experimenting with patterns, and add in a solid to soften the look if you prefer.

3) Bring in the Green

Plants and flowers have the most glorious colors to add to your living space. Choose greenery that's meant to thrive in indoor low-lighting conditions. But if your thumb isn't the greenest on the block, opt for realistic artificial florals. It's easy to fool the eye with today's lifelike artificial flowers and plants.

4) Light it Up

A new lamp, revamping a lamp, or just updating a shade adds color and personality into a living room. For noticeable pops of color, add a pair of lamps flanking a piece of art or furniture. Try your hand at designing your own lamp by recycling items or salvaged pieces into fixtures that will bring a new level of personality into your home. Its a great way to show off your creativity or that of others.


5) Get Down to the Floor

A printed area rug softens up a room and makes it cozy. But a bold area rug strategically placed in front of a chair or under a coffee table also adds color and texture to a living room. Try overlapping and layering an area rug on top of carpeting or simply over hardwood flooring in a contrasting color. Again be bold and experiment with overlapping different textures. If you have a rug that's neutral in color, paint it for a custom striped design. Take time to text various color swatches even on the floors before committing.  It is never a bad idea to sleep on

6) Recover and Refresh

It’s easier than you think to reupholster a chair cushion. Even changing out the smallest cushion makes a dramatic difference in your living room. Consider starting with a small side chair that could use an update. Remove the cushion, strip off the old fabric, and reupholster with a colorful textile remnant using a staple gun.

7) Reflect Light and Color

Do you have an empty wall in your living room but don't know how to fill it? Try placing a large mirror on that big bare and boring wall. Choose a mirror with an artful frame. If your mirror's frame is too plain, embellish it with cording or braid, paint it a bright color, or if you have a large round shape, customize it into a DIY sunburst design. The mirror will reflect large swaths of color and light from around your living room, and you didn't even have to paint a thing to add more color to the space.


8) Incorporate Bold Art

One large and colorful piece of art placed in a living room introduces hues and shapes into a large area. Get the same effect with a grouping of framed photos with colorful matting and bright frames. There's no need to buy a new collection of art when there are plenty of hacks to enlarge and refresh your existing artwork. Try framed art prints if the cost of original art is prohibitive.  Check out some of the framed art prints at

9) Paint a Bookcase

Take a bland bookcase and use paint to make it into a work of art. There are multiple ways to approach painting a bookcase. Paint each shelf a different color, paint the interior and exterior two contrasting colors, or just paint the back interior walls a pretty color to add dimension to the piece and your room. Use books with bright covers and items of decor to add another level of color to your bookcase.

10) Throw on a Cover with Color

Quilts, throws, and blankets aren't just for bedrooms anymore. A soft handmade quilt or oversized faux fur throw or blanket adds depth, color, and cozy comfort when draped over the back or arm of a neutral sofa or chair in the living room. Choose a standout color for this must-have living room accessory that accents other pieces in the room.

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